what is specialty coffee? (2.5-hour workshop)

For: Anyone who is curious about specialty coffee and wants to learn more about the world’s favourite drink. No experience necessary.

You love coffee and want to expand your knowledge of the drink, its origins and the people and systems involved in bringing seed to cup.

This workshop will:

  • Equip you with a foundational level of specialty coffee and the industry, which then paves the way for progression to other courses.

  • Help you understand coffee aromas and flavours, as well as how to taste specialty coffee.

  • Introduce the Bettr Barista Education Ecosystem and learning pathways.

Workshop content includes:

  • Sensory activity around taste and smell

  • Activity on quantifying acidity, aftertaste and body

  • Tasting: Arabica & Robusta beans

  • Demo: Extraction

  • Bite-Sized Lectures

I enjoyed the part on brewing and tasting. [The trainer] showed us the basic techniques of brewing that got me interested to learn more about it.
— J. Soon

2.5-hour workshop FEE*: S$120 (INCLUDING GST)

*This workshop is complimentary when you sign up for any SCA Foundation-level course with our Academy.

Workshop attendees will receive a Certification of Participation from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy and a $100 voucher that can be used towards a subsequent class at our Academy (any class with a minimum value of $480). This voucher is only valid for 2 weeks upon completion of the “What Is Specialty Coffee” workshop.

The flow and intuitive way of knowledge delivery... I can follow even as a total noob in coffee!

— Wang Weishi, Sunray Cafe