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Levina Wong

Levina Wong

Find out what your aim is in coffee.

Levina is a tea-addicted coffee trainer!

Although Levina lives and breathes teaching coffee now, her first experience with coffee was very bad. During her secondary school days, she wanted to know what all the hype was about and decided one day to try a cappuccino. It tasted horrible to her, and she left behind coffee after that for the time being.

Levina drifted quite naturally from her training role in F&B into the cafe side of the business because the company desperately needed baristas. As she started practicing latte art, she drank what she made as not to waste - and therein coffee grew into more than a duty.

After some experience with latte art competitions in her last job, Levina joined the Barista Skills Intermediate(add link) course at Bettr Barista, and then joined as a trainer to be closer to growing people, knowledge of the industry, and the whole community of coffee upstream as well.

“Find out what your aim is in coffee,” Levina says. She recommends considering Foundations for personal interest, baristas, and home-brewers. For those who want a deeper dive into coffee, Green Coffee and Sensory courses are good stepping stones.


Favourite drink: Milk tea

Fun fact: Levina is an ambidextrous latte pouring champion! She can pour latte art with both right and left hand, simultaneously.


SCAE Barista Skills Level 1, Bettr Barista, 2013
SCA Barista Skills Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2014
SCA Barista Skills Professional, Bettr Barista, 2017
SCA Brewing Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2016
WDA ACTA-Certified Trainer and Assessor (2016)
SCA Brewing Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2017
SCA Brewing Professional, Bettr Barista, 2018
SCA Sensory Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2018
DACE, Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (2017)
SCA Green Coffee Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2017
SCA Green Coffee Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2018
SCA Authorised Trainer (2019)
Roasting Foundation SCA
Roasting Intermediate SCA

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