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Skillsfuture Credits Eligible

Pick up a brand new skill with your SkillsFuture Credits. We have range of courses that are eligible, as both an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by SkillsFuture Singapore and a Specialy Coffee Assocation (SCA) Premier Campus. 

Barista & Brew Foundation Duo

18 Hours

$960.00 incl. GST

Have dreams of being a barista? Foray into the world of brewing coffee and working an espresso bar with our brand new SCA Barista & Brew Duo.

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SCA Barista Skills Foundation (C11726463)

10 hours

$480.00 incl. GST

For: Aspiring baristas or coffee hobbyists looking to understand the basics of specialty coffee. Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar. (This is the most highly-recommended mode of learning for this course)

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SCA 咖啡师技能培训(基础课程) (CRS-N-0046821)

2.5 hrs

$480.00 incl. GST


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SCA Brewing Foundation (CRS-N-0042924)

9 hours

$480.00 incl. GST

For: Aspiring baristas, roasters and coffee professionals looking to understand the brewing basics

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WSQ Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace (Synchronous e-learning) (CRS-Q-0041356-ES)

14 hours

$321.00 incl. GST

Equip learners with relevant knowledge and skills to communicate effectively and manage and resolve conflicts at the workplace.

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WSQ Provide Specialty Coffee Service (Synchronous Learning) (CRS-Q-0032492-FSS)

2.5 Days

$856.00 incl. GST

Coffee lovers and those who might be keen on joining the F&B industry, or even starting their own cafe. For anyone who is looking to acquire foundation barista and brewing skills in specialty coffee. No prior experience or prerequisites are necessary.

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WSQ Prepare and Serve Hot Beverages (Online Asynchronous e-Learning) (CRS-Q-0039872-FSS)

2 Days

$535.00 incl. GST

Designed for the Kopi lover or for those keen to join the F&B industry, this course will introduce you to Singapore's heritage coffee culture. You'll have the opportunity to learn and prepare the types of hot beverages offered at a traditional coffee shop.

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SCA Brewing Intermediate (CRS-N-0042925)

2 days

$850.00 incl. GST

For: Aspiring baristas, roasters and coffee professionals looking to grow their knowledge and skill in brewing

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