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Corporate Team Building Workshops

Gather your teams for our popular Coffee Appreciation workshops. Available both in person and virtually, with a wide range of topics, there's an option for every team!


At Bettr, we believe that team building doesn't have to be boring. That's why we offer a variety of fun and interactive team building sessions that can be enjoyed virtually or in person.

From the basics of brewing to a combination of emotional intelligence and coffee, our team building sessions are designed to help your team learn new skills and improve their existing ones. And because we know that every team is different, we tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. So whether you're looking to improve communication and collaboration within your team or simply want to provide your employees with an enjoyable and educational experience, Bettr is the perfect partner for you. Contact us today to learn more about our team building services.


A. All workshops commence with an Icebreaker, Introduction to the Bettr Group and An overview of coffee today

B. You can choose one or more of the following components to further engage your team. We'll work with you to create an enriching and fun experience.

  1. Brewing Experience (Kit add on available) - Either watch a brew demo from our trainers or brew-along for a hands-on experience
  2. Coffee Mixology - Equipped with our cold brew matcha or chocolate kits, participants will be guided on how to mix up delicious dirty matchas or mochas
  3. Emotional Intelligence & Coffee - Learn life skills from a cup of coffee, this versatile beverage can also be a tool to learn about resilience and the power of trying again
  4. Chocolate & Coffee Pairing - A delectable session, exploring the sensorial pairing of chocolate and coffee
  5. Tasting / Cupping Experience - Travel the globe through coffee. Get guided in a cupping experience, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of coffee and learn about the factors that contribute to its taste  

Customisation options: 

  • Experience kits, as an add on 

  • Mode: Virtual or in person (our location or yours) 

  • Number of attendees: up to 200 

  • Budget: Starting at just $45  

  • Duration: from 30 mins 


A pioneer in the region, our trainers from Bettr Barista are all internationally-certified baristas and ACTA-qualified adult educators.

We're able to mix and match any of the activities above to build a meaningful experience that will greatly benefit your team.

We've had over 1000+ satisfied customers from over 65 companies. Get in touch to find out more today.

Add-on Kits

Experience Kit - Clever Dripper 

The brew device — Clever Dripper is a mix between a French Press and a Pour-over coffee maker, bringing the best out of the two extraction methods; immersion and filter. Each experience kit includes:

  • Clever Coffee Dripper 11oz
  • Melitta Coffee Filter #2
  • Signature Blend Ground Coffee Beans (250g)
  • Instruction Card
  • Compostable Paper Cups

Experience Kit - Mixology Cold Brew 

Bring home iced summer favourites when your team receives cold brew matcha and chocolate kits that we'll brew together online to make delicious cold dirty matchas or cold mochas. Each experience kit includes:

  • Cold Brew 
  • Matcha Concentrate
  • Chocolate Concentrate 
  • Cups 

Course Fees

Pricing will be calculated once we have all of your requirements on hand. Do get in touch to get an accurate quote! 


THANK YOU BETTR BARISTA... We enjoyed the event very much as we learnt to taste the subtle differences in good coffee brewed in 3 different ways and learnt how latte art is done. We gained more practical knowledge about the art of coffee making - something we take for granted every day.

K.G., Senior Manager, IMDA

We had a blast at the Virtual Coffee Appreciation Workshop. Despite the virtual mode of instruction, we were able to learn so much about the origins of coffee and techniques involved in making a good cuppa. Gloria, the trainer who had us, was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the session. My team sang praises of the brew kit delivered to each of our homes as it was beautifully and meticulously presented and very much indispensable to the entire experience. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and we thank you for having us.

Jolene Yeo, Tourism Division
Workforce Singapore

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