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Coffee Appreciation

Gather your teams for our popular Coffee Appreciation workshops. Available both in person and virtually, with a wide range of topics, there's an option for every team!



Our coffee themed workshops are crafted to deliver a fun and interactive team-building experience for groups of all sizes and across industries.


  1. Introduction to Bettr Barista - We kick off with a sharing session about Bettr Barista’s story and social mission 
  2. Coffee TodayWhat is specialty coffee? How does it get from trees (yes, trees!) into your cup? You’ll find out when we walk you through this fascinating process. We then move on to coffee trends and developments, including topics such as global competitions, career pathways, and the all-important question: is specialty coffee really better than kopi-o? 
  3. Sensory GameA quick introduction to the various flavours and aromas  that you can find in coffee - through an interactive activity that will tap on your senses. Be surprised at what flavours and aromas you can actually find in coffee beyond just bitter and sour! 
  4. Watch & Learn - Hand Brewing - Here, our trainers will do a brew demonstration on 3 hand-brew methods, like the Clever, December Dripper and Aerobie Aeropress, as part of an introduction to coffee flavours. Participants will also walk away with the knowledge of the essential elements to an ideal brew.
  5. Try Your Hand @ Latte ArtThis segment will start with a demonstration on the various types of latte art (eg. tulips, hearts, rosettas…) by our trainers. Next, with the help of our facilitators, participants who are interested can get to try their hand at pouring various latte art designs.

Customisation options: 

  • Experience kits, as an add on 
  • Number of attendees: up to 200 
  • Budget: Starting at just $55  


HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TRAINERS - A pioneer in the region with over 10 years of experience, our trainers from Bettr Barista are all internationally-certified baristas and ACTA-qualified adult educators.

RECORD OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS - 1000+ satisfied customers from over 65 companies have walked through our doors. 

Course Fees

Pricing will be calculated once we have all of your requirements on hand. Do get in touch to get an accurate quote! 


THANK YOU BETTR BARISTA... We enjoyed the event very much as we learnt to taste the subtle differences in good coffee brewed in 3 different ways and learnt how latte art is done. We gained more practical knowledge about the art of coffee making - something we take for granted every day.

K.G., Senior Manager, IMDA

We had a blast at the Virtual Coffee Appreciation Workshop. Despite the virtual mode of instruction, we were able to learn so much about the origins of coffee and techniques involved in making a good cuppa. Gloria, the trainer who had us, was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the session. My team sang praises of the brew kit delivered to each of our homes as it was beautifully and meticulously presented and very much indispensable to the entire experience. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and we thank you for having us.

Jolene Yeo, Tourism Division
Workforce Singapore

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