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WSQ Maintain Food and Beverage Service Environment

To equip all Food and Beverage establishments with the knowledge and skills on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the food and beverage service environments. The course also teaches food & beverage operators on active safe-management measures such as contact-tracing, physical interaction and distancing measures to adapt to the current global-changing climate.


Course Reference Number: TGS-2020505364
UEN/Foreign Entity Number: 201134100C

1. Follow standard operating procedure for cleaning and sanitising food and beverage service

2. Demonstrate skills and techniques in performing housekeeping and closing duties

3. Demonstrate compliance to the legal requirements and organisational procedures in maintaining the food and beverage service environment

4. Work independently as well as in team by using effective communication tools and techniques for peer learning in the workplace and to create positive relationships with customers and co-workers

5. Reflect on their strengths and weaknesses to gain self-awareness, and new insights of self and practice



Written and Practical assessments


Eligible for Claim Period: 01 Oct 2020 - 30 Sep 2022

Mode of delivery

Classroom and e-learning 

  • 2.5 hours e-learning

  • 10.5 hours of classroom learning

  • 2 hours of assessment

Funding and Subsidies

Service environment 1102.2


Nett course fee after GST: $535

Nett course fee before GST$500

- Applicable for SSG and SFC

- Applicable for Training Grant and Absentee Payroll (corporate)

- Applicable for Training Grant (individuals)


Successfully completed Secondary 2 education

Successfully attained WPLN Level 3 in English Proficiency



Skills Code: FSS-FBS-1024-1.1

Statement of Attainment will be given to learners upon successful completion of the assessments.

Course Reference Code


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