Q Arabica Grader

Note: Advanced level course, not suitable for inexperienced/new cuppers.






An intensive and comprehensive 6-Days of training and examinations toward the Q Arabica Grader License, the specialty coffee industry's gold standard for green coffee analysis training. In this course you'll learn the basics of sensory science applied to tasting coffee, descriptive cupping techniques, green grading for defect, olfactory analysis of the aromas of coffee, quality control skills, the SCA Cupping Form, and more.

Trish Rothgeb, visiting lead instructor, is co-founder and roastmaster for Wrecking Ball Coffee in San Francisco, USA. She has been teaching Q Arabica Grader courses since 2008. Her coffee career spans more that 30 years as a roaster, green coffee buyer, quality control manager, frequent lecturer at industry events, and teacher of all things coffee.

The course will kick off with a with a compulsory Q cupping workshop on 24 June, 3 - 5.30 pm. 


  • Q Programme administration and prelude
  • Cupping calibration
  • Familiarisation of equipment and protocols)

The six-day Q Course will commence 25th of June and will include opportunities for resits for those needing to complete any outstanding assessments.


  • Introduction, Q System Overview
  • Review of Cupping Skills Module
  • Calibration Cupping - Training Exercise
  • Green Grading Skills Training Exercise & Exam
  • Review Code of Conduct
  • Olfactory Skills Module & Exams
  • Cupping Exams
  • Triangulation Exams
  • Matching Pairs Skills Module & Exams
  • Sample Roast I.D. Skills Module & Exams
  • General Knowledge Test Module
  • Sensory Skills Training Exercise


Guest Trainer

Trish Rothgeb



Trish's experience in the industry spans over 25 years as a coffee roaster, green coffee buyer, and teacher of all things coffee. An avid traveler in coffee growing regions worldwide, she teaches cupping to coffee producers and coffee professionals around the world. She is also credited with coining the term "third wave coffee" and identifying the relevant concepts.

Trish is a licensed Q-Grader and credentialed Q Trainer by the Coffee Quality Institute. She has served on the SCAA’s Roasters Guild Executive Council, was a charter member of the World Barista Championship Board of Directors and a founding member of the Barista Guild of America.

Trish was the Director of Programs with the Coffee Quality Institute: Q and Educational Services from 2013-2017. She is the roastmaster and co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters.


No formal prerequisites. However, the Q Grader Exam is an advanced level course and not suitable for inexperienced/new cuppers. Helpful tools include:

Cupping Handbook
Green Coffee Classification Chart
Brewing Handbook
Cupping Protocol & Cupping Form, among others 


Early bird: $2660 (till 30 Apr 2020)

Regular: $2800


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