SCA Sensory Professional

For: The coffee professional who aims to be a sensory skills leader, by raising your tasting skills to a professional level.


The Professional level module prepares you to be a sensory skills leader in a coffee business by raising your tasting skills to a professional level. Students will learn to identify and evaluate qualities in specialty green coffee and accurately measure and describe coffee beverage characteristics. 

Course Structure

Day 1: 

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Sensory Analysis
  • Olfactory threshold training
  • Capacity training for basic taste sensations

Day 2: 

  • Comparative Cupping: Central & South Americas
  • Comparative Cupping: Asia
  • Capacity training for mouthfeel

Day 3: 

  • Comparative Cupping: Africa
  • Defect tasting
  • Brew profile tasting

Day 4: 



Students must have taken and completed Sensory Skill Intermediate as a prerequisite. To be eligible for the professional exams, there must be a 3 month gap between the intermediate and professional exam.

Inclusive of

The course fee includes 1 written and 1 practical test. 

Any subsequent retests will be charged as follows:
Written retest - S$40
Practical retest - S$350

We require a minimum number of 2 learners to run each class. If the number of sign-ups does not meet this requirement, learners will be notified and have their class rescheduled to the next available date.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for information about rescheduling, cancellations and refunds.

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