SCA Brewing Foundation (JKT)

For: Aspiring baristas, roasters and coffee professionals looking to understand the brewing basics


SCA Brewing Skills Foundation is designed to introduce the novice to the core skills and equipment required to produce great brewed coffee. After a little theory on the seven key essentials to brewing, students get their hands on a variety of different brewing equipment to test their skills and taste some great coffees. They will be shown the correct procedures to get the best out of different brewing equipment from filter, pour over, Aeropress and syphon. No prior knowledge is needed before taking this module.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to Coffee and Coffee Extraction
  • The Essential Elements of Brew
  • Introduction to Brewing Methods

Inclusive of

The course fee includes 1 online theory and 1 practical test. 

Any subsequent retests will be charged as follows:

  • Written retest - 400,000 IDR
  • Practical retest - 800,000 IDR

Students may also opt to not do the assessments if they choose to. There will be no SCA certification given in this case, but a certificate of completion from Bettr Barista. 

 We require a minimum number of 3 learners to run each class. If the number of sign-ups does not meet this requirement, learners will be notified and have their class rescheduled to the next available date.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for information about rescheduling, cancellations and refunds.

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