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SCA Intermediate Series

Develop your specialty coffee skills further in our Intermediate series, which is internationally certified by the Specialty Coffee Association.


This is a Blended Learning Course -- Refer to 'Inclusive of' section for more details. 

The Intermediate Series allows learners to take the five SCA classes in a collective and holistic way:

  • SCA Sensory Intermediate
  • SCA Green Coffee Intermediate
  • SCA Barista Skills Intermediate
  • SCA Brewing Intermediate
  • SCA Roasting Intermediate

Please note that all the above modules involve blended learning. There will be course instructions sent for the virtual learning component (Theory) and in-person learning components (Practical).


Scheduled Practical Dates

May / June / July 2022


 26 &  27 May

 Green Coffee

 16 & 17 June


 22 & 23 June

 Barista Skills

 29 & 30 June


 7 & 8 July



Class Timings:


Barista Skills, Brewing, Roasting: 10am - 1.00pm

Sensory and Green Coffee: 9am - 1.30pm

Practical (2 days)

Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory and Green Coffee: 9am - 4pm (Day 1) and 9am - 3pm (Day 2)

Roasting: 9am - 5pm (both days)

Mode of delivery

Complimentary with all Intermediate series package bookings:

  • 2 test retakes (valued at up to $160)

  • 2-hour Barista Lab session (valued at $200)

Course Fees

SAVE $520 when you sign up for the Intermediate Series

Instalment payment is available for this course, please email us at if interested. 

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