Advanced Latte Art Masterclass with Shawn Chen

Not your ordinary latte art class. A rare opportunity to learn from the former head trainer at Taiwan's award-winning Milkglider Latteartist Unity.


  • Demo of advanced shapes by Shawn Chen

  • Pour the perfect winged tulip, rosetta and swan with good contrast and symmetry with coaching by Shawn Chen

This is an advanced class and participants should have prior experience in espresso extraction and milk steaming. Especially useful for those who are looking to make progress with advanced shapes and receive tips on making adjustments to their current method of pour. 


  1. Shawn will be coaching in Mandarin and the class will be facilitated and translated by Bettr Barista's in-house trainers.

  2. Learners are invited to bring their own cups and pitchers to practise with during class.

I had a lot of fun during the training. The trainer was very interactive and was able to spot our mistakes from our pours. With the hands on practice, we were able to understand the techniques and got down to working on our mistakes. I took his training back to my cafe and continued to improve on my pours.

— Alistair Seetho, Barista, One Man Coffee / SLAC 2018 Champion 


Great insights from the expert of free pour latte art. Fantastic trainer who was able to point out mistakes that I did not know.

— Lee Juin Loong, Barista (November 2016)


Thank you Shawn! Really love the way you
teach, your patience and your spirit of excellence too.

— Glen, Owner of Prodigal Roasters

Guest Trainer

Shawn Chen

Shawn is the founder of Shawn Coffee and the former head instructor at Milkglider, which was awarded first place at the 2015 & 2016 Coffee Fest Tokyo World Latte Art Championships. Shawn has previously run masterclasses with Bettr Barista in May 2017, June and November 2018. 


About Shawn Coffee

Newly established in 2019, Shawn Coffee is Shawn Chen’s second foray into the specialty cafe and latte art business.

Shawn was the former Head Trainer of Milkglider Latteartist Unity - a Taiwanese brand that was awarded first place in the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship in Tokyo for 2015 and 2016.



  • Experienced in espresso brewing and milk steaming 

  • Learners will pull their own espresso shot

  • Learners will steam their own milk

 If you're fairly new to latte art, do sign up for the beginners class to get the best experience. 


There are a few additional options for Masterclasses with Shawn Chen during this period: 

1. One Beginner Masterclass & One Advanced Masterclass at $290 (Usual price at $330) 

2. Two sessions of Advanced Masterclass at $310 (Usual price at $360)

View the dates for Beginner Masterclass with Shawn Chen here:

For options 1 & 2 - To enjoy the special rates, simply add the additional class into your shopping cart and discounts will be automatically enabled. 

3. Group session with Shawn Chen at $500 for 2.5 hours 

Contact us if you this is something you're interested in. This group session is for up to 4 pax ($50 per additional pax) and will be held at your location.

Note: Espresso machine, beans, milk and cups to be provided by cafe for group masterclass.

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