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Wai Kit Wong

Wai Kit Wong

Make coffee, drink coffee, discuss coffee, and repeat.

Wai Kit is dedicated to discovering and sharing all things coffee with students!

Many moons ago, Wai Kit tried an Ethiopian coffee with a distinct fruitiness that entirely changed his perception of coffee. After that, he signed up for SCAE Barista Skills Level 1 and began teaching basic latte art during coffee appreciation workshops. Wai Kit enjoys helping students discover a new perspective on the world of coffee - this is his greatest satisfaction!

As a true trainer, his motto goes: Make coffee, drink coffee, discuss coffee, and repeat - keep doing this until you can share your knowledge with others!


Favourite drink: Kopi - never forget our local culture

Fun fact: Wai Kit learned martial arts and dance during university.


Advanced Certificate of Adult Training (ACTA), IAL, 2018
Authorised SCA Trainer, SCA, 2019
SCAE Barista Skills Level 1, Bettr Barista, 2011
SCA Barista Skills Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2016
SCA Barista Skills Professional, Bettr Barista, 2019
SCA Roasting Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2016
SCA Roasting Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2016
SCA Brewing Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2015
SCA Sensory Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2015
2019 Singapore National Barista Championship Sensory Judge

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