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Bettr Trainers

Bettr Barista instructors are fully qualified industry specialists who are ACTA-qualified adult educators and Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs). We have experience providing training for a wide segment of learners and are adept in ensuring different learning styles are catered for. Trainer Accolades include:
• SCA Board of Director
• Judges at World, Regional and National Championships
• Q Arabica and Robusta Graders
• SCA Coffee Diploma holders

Lin Lin

When there's a will, there's a way.

As a milk tea fanatic, Lin Lin’s association with coffee used to only be global coffee consumer chain, Starbucks. It was only when her friend started her own cafe business that she realised there’s so much more to discover in the world of coffee, and her interest was piqued through latte art. ‘Don’t get me interested in anything. Once I discover a passion for something, I’d dive headfirst into it,’ she chuckles. True to that, with prior experience in food and beverage industry operations, she decided to give it a shot in the coffee industry.

Through her friend’s recommendation, she began her journey as a Bettr student and her passion grew over time, which led her to be a Bettr trainer. Working towards her dream goal of opening a cafe someday, Lin Lin stays motivated to build up a strong foundation in coffee… and english too! ‘I won’t stop at teaching Barista Skills Foundation course only - I’ll continue to brush up on my skills and knowledge so that in future, I’ll be able to teach more courses!’

Oscar Goh

Filter coffee, not people. Be true to yourself, as well as others. We should always be considerate of others' feelings.

Having spent half his life in the hospitality and service industry, it’s been almost 7 years since Oscar delved into the specialty coffee scene. He vividly remembers the first time he took a sip of blue mountain coffee that his father brought back home, how the taste lingered and he yearned for more. During the time that coffee chains and cafes were up and rising, he realised that each type of coffee had their own uniqueness, but many were unaware and unable to appreciate. 

Joining Bettr, he found greater meaning in educating not only the general public, but also helping the marginalised community discover their potential through coffee training. “People and coffee keeps me going. There’s the 4Cs that are important to me - communication, connecting, culture and coffee. With communication, you’ll be able to impact, connect, and build strong relationships bound by coffee!”

Rachel Pang

Coffee makes everything better.

It was love at first sight with her first cup of specialty coffee 10 years ago. Back then, as a coffee novice, she was intrigued by its pleasant taste and latte art, which got her completely hooked on coffee. Driven by curiosity and determination, she successfully made her mark in the coffee industry, attaining outstanding achievements and qualifications. To date, she has also participated in judging for various global events such as the Singapore National Barista Championship 2022, Malaysia Barista Championship, and the Malaysia Latte Art Championship 2022.

Having once pursued her SCA Diploma with us, Rachel jumped at the chance to join the Bettr family as a trainer. She saw this as an opportunity to venture into new learning, expanding on her existing coffee and operations expertise from her 3-year stint at Baristart Coffee. ‘As I teach beginners, it reminds me of how I started. The more I teach, the more I love.’ Through imparting her valuable skills and experience, she certainly holds high hopes in grooming the next generation of professional baristas to live their indescribable love and passion for coffee.

Rudel Balatbat

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Rudel believes that coffee connects people, no matter who they are, where they are. He previously worked as the head of coffee in a company, competing across different platforms, putting his roasting, brewing and latte art skills to the test. His experiences through the years of competing in various competitions held a lot of great memories for him. In his early days, he recalled how resources were scarce and inaccessible, needless to say acquiring mentorship and guidance. Understanding how valuable these were, he grabbed hold of opportunities to train baristas and found a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction as he witnessed their progression. “Given that I’m blessed with such talent, I want to give back to the industry, and I figured it'd be teaching. Being in the industry for a long time has helped me become a better person, a better professional, so I’d like to return the favour.” 

Back when he was a student at Bettr, he enjoyed learning and built great rapport with his trainers. Bettr felt like home. The motto ‘changing lives through coffee’ was deeply etched in his mind, and he wanted to impart this same belief that took effect on him. “I really love inspiring people in ways that I can, sharing what I love doing and what I’m good at. It’s something that I won’t get tired doing. It’s a part of who I am. ” He will certainly continue being a mentor for many years down the road, fully utilising his coffee knowledge as a valuable tool to educate aspiring baristas.

Sanny Paiman

Always look on the sunny side, embrace the warm rays, and let it shine. 

Be it rain or clear skies, Sanny will always choose to be walking on sunshine. His love for coffee stemmed from young - the countless times he stole coffee from a big pot off his kitchen stove behind his siblings’ backs, just for a taste of his mother’s sweet home brewed kopi. His affinity with coffee grew, starting out as a barista at Starbucks. In 2017, he joined Bettr as a designer on the Marketing Communications team, at the same time, assisting the Retail team. In his 4th year, he discovered that his passion to share about coffee spans beyond the digital screen and made the switch to become a trainer.

“You’ll naturally learn better when you’re having fun.” Being a trainer, this great sense of fulfilment is what he truly enjoys, he says. In the long run, we’ll certainly see Sanny’s passion for coffee shine bigger and brighter, as he continues to bring fun learning into coffee!

Shaun Ong

Shaun Ong

Enjoy the drink, enjoy the craft, enjoy the profession.

Traveling coffee representative and trainer, Shaun Ong, is the brick and mortar of Bettr Barista’s academy.

Shaun has been in the business of coffee for over two decades. His early career began with the behemoth of coffee: Starbucks. Shaun quickly branched out into all areas of coffee and now travels the world sharing his knowledge of coffee from the ground level of a coffee tree all the way down to training baristas with BB. Shaun’s passion for teaching has directly contributed to building a global community of coffee in places like Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines through his trainings and field work.

Shaun says, "If you’re a casual coffee lover: Enjoy the drink, enjoy the craft, enjoy the profession - Don’t get too technical, no one likes a coffee snob."

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