Specialty Coffee Scholarship Programme


For ITE Year One

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy is offering 3 professional coffee scholarships to deserving Year One ITE College West students, with a total value of almost S$10,000.

The programme offers internationally certified courses by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).



1. SCAE Foundation Series - Introduces core skills in the five disciplines under the SCAE certification programme:

  • Barista Skills (1 day)
  • Brewing Skills (1 day)
  • Sensory Skills (1 day)
  • Green Coffee (1 day)
  • Roasting Skills (1 day)

2. SCAE Barista Skills Intermediate Programme (2 days)

3. Enhanced Internship Programme with Bettr Barista (22 weeks)

Scholarship awardees can expect to gain a holistic understanding of coffee, and be work-ready specialty coffee professionals upon successful completion of the scholarship programme.


Scholarships will be awarded based in part, but not entirely, on the following criteria:

  • A keen interest in coffee
  • Motivation to make a career in the specialty coffee industry
  • Commitment to the learning journey and betterment
  • Desire to help others grow their coffee knowledge (graduates may serve as a role model and a source of inspiration for others)


  1. SCAE Foundation and Intermediate courses require 7 days of instruction at Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, to be completed within 12 months of completing ITE Basic Barista Skills.

  2. All scholarship programme classes are to be taken outside of the formal ITE course curriculum hours.

  3. Scholarship students who fail to complete the programme within the 12-month timeframe may be granted an extension on a case-by-case basis, subject to review by Bettr Barista Coffee Academy. Bettr Barista reserves the right to withdraw the remainder of the scholarship programme in the absence of a valid reason.

SCAE Barista Skills Foundation Certification Exam & Guided Practice


ITE Year One Package Offer: S$330

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy is offering a special educational discount for ITE Year One students who want to take their SCAE Barista Skills Foundation exams after completing the Basic Barista Module of their ITE Nitec in Food & Beverage Operations course.

This package includes a 2-hour guided practice session at Bettr Barista Coffee Academy before attempting their exam.

Each Guided practice session includes 1kg of coffee beans and 2 bottles of milk. Students will receive up to 30-mins of guided training from a Bettr Barista instructor.

The exam comprises a 30-minute written paper and a 30-45 minute practical exam.

Students who do not pass can schedule a retake, at an extra administrative fee of S$30 for the written exam and S$60 for the practical exam.

A Bettr learning experience

  • We're deeply passionate about all things coffee.
  • All our trainers are SCAE/SCAA-certified and ACTA-qualified adult educators.
  • We devote a lot of attention towards developing our curricula, in order to deliver a learning experience that's not your average cup of joe. 

Student Perks

  • 1,500 square feet of fully equipped, dedicated learning space, including an SCAA-certified Cupping Lab.
  • Your own dedicated brew station and equipment - you won't have to share!
  • Priority access to guided practice sessions in our Barista Lab for extra hands-on time on our machines.