Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Brewing Skills


Learn about the variety of methods for brewing coffee and the brewing variables that affect quality. The Brewing module provides hands-on learning on grind profiles, brewing methods (from Chemex and siphon to clever dripper and French press), measuring coffee strength and charting a coffee’s extraction.

Brewing can be studied at three different levels:

  1. Foundation* introduces the beginner to the different ways of brewing coffee, from Chemex and siphon to clever dripper and French press;

  2. Intermediate* is very much a hands-on workshop where you will learn to analyse your grind profile, match your grind to your brewing method and to scientifically measure coffee strength and chart a coffee’s extraction;

  3. Professional takes the scientific knowledge a stage further, covering the impact of temperature on brewing, acidity levels during the brewing process, the impact of water quality on coffee brewing and flavour and understanding how to chart espresso and brew within a given extraction percentage.

*SCA Brewing Skills Foundation and Intermediate courses are SkillsFuture Credit eligible.

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  • 6,000 square feet of learning and workshop space, including an SCA-certified Cupping Lab and a micro roastery.

  • Quality hands-on time for all students - with dedicated brew stations and equipment - so there's no need to share!

  • Student-only access to our Barista Lab for extra practice time on our machines.

  • Our passion for all things coffee AND our love of lifelong learning.

  • ACTA-qualified adult educators who are SCA-certified industry professionals/specialists.

  • An incredible amount of thought and attention towards developing - and constantly refining - our curricula, in order to deliver learning experiences that aren't your average cup of joe.