Matching the Flavor Profile of CoffeE Across Machines

Sunday 9 december, 9.30AM - 1PM

Note: This is an applied theory course for more advanced roasters.

This is the culmination of Rob’s other masterclasses on Heat Transfer in Roasting Systems and Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee, and takes a deep dive into the practical applications of those lessons with a focus on matching similar flavor profiles across different machine types.


  • Elements of Heat Transfer

  • Elements of Modulating the Flavor Profile

  • Diving into Flavor Profile Matching

  • Cupping Examples 

Masterclass FEE: S$160.00 (including GST)


Green Coffee Buying

9 Dec, 2-3.30PM

An in depth discussion surrounding Rob’s buying practices at Nossa Familia Coffee and how they have worked to create win-win long term relationships with their coffee partners.

  • Green buying pitfalls

  • Anecdotes and stories

  • QA/QC etc. etc.

Offering insight from his years of coffee-buying experience, Rob talks about coffee buying strategy, relationship management, and quality control / improvement.

Included in this session is a cupping and discussion of various partner farms with whom Rob works as well as an extended Q/A session.

Workshop FEE: S$45.00 (including GST)


Roasting Styles & Approaches

9 Dec, 4-5.30PM

Study the different approaches to roasting and gain exposure to coffee roasting styles that may exist outside of your comfort zone.

  • Roast profile discussion

  • Styles and approaches described

  • Cupping of the same coffee roasted to various styles/approaches.

This workshop explores different trends and approaches to roasting coffee based out of machine use, geography, and flavor preference.

In addition to providing insight into coffee roasting as a preferential phenomenon, attendees will taste the same coffee roasted to various different styles in order to better understand how the coffee's taste is affected.

Workshop FEE: S$45.00 (including GST)

Promotional PRICING

  • Enjoy 10% off when you book Masterclass + both workshops: $225

  • Current Bettr Barista students who have a Roasting Skills package can book the Masterclass + both workshops for $200.


Rob is an independent coffee roasting consultant who has worked with a variety of businesses, roaster manufacturers, and coffees.

His book, “Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee - One Roaster’s Manifesto” sold over 1,600 copies in over 20 countries in its first 3 months.

Rob brings a wealth of experience, having started out as a barista and working for years as a barista trainer. He is a subject matter expert for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and has devoted the bulk of his professional and personal attention to coffee buying and roasting.

Rob is not only a Roaster’s Guild Level 1 & 2 Certificate holder, but is also a specialised lead instructor for the SCA who has taught nationally and internationally. He also serves on the Roaster’s Pathway Committee and works on curriculum development for SCA and Roaster's Guild classes.

Coffee is both a passion and profession for Rob, and he works with his clients and students to roast coffee that is not only an expression of their own style and preference, but something that their customers will love.