SCA sensory Skills - Intermediate (2 Days, 9am - 5pm)

For: Baristas, roasters and coffee professionals looking to develop their knowledge of sensory skills for specialty coffee


This Intermediate course is broken down into three components: How we taste, perceive and interpret; Running a cupping session and tasting the diversity of coffee; How to set up sensory skills in your business.

Course Overview:

  • Sensory analysis of coffee
  • Sensory physiology
  • Taste, perceive and interpret
  • Cupping practice
  • Sensory panels



  • Students who have not previously completed SCA Sensory Skills - Foundation will need to demonstrate knowledge of sensory basics in order to enrol for this Intermediate course.
  • It is mandatory to hold certification at the Intermediate level before pursuing the Professional level course, which requires extensive relevant experience.


Course Fee: S$850.00 (including GST)

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible (for Singaporeans).

The course fee includes 1 written and 1 practical test. Any subsequent retests will be charged as follows:

  • Written retest - S$40.00
  • Practical retest - S$120.00

We require a minimum number of 2 learners to run each class. If the number of sign-ups does not meet this requirement, learners will be notified and have their class rescheduled to the next available date.

Please READ OUR BOOKING POLICY for information about rescheduling, cancellations and refunds. 

Foundation + Intermediate combo

Save when you take both the Foundation and Intermediate level courses. 

Package Fee: S$1,200 including GST (full value $1,430)