SCA Barista Skills - professional (4 days)

For: Career baristas with extensive experience, especially those who have completed their Intermediate exams and those pursuing their AST (Authorised SCA trainer) qualifications


Espresso can be intimidating. It is one thing ordering an espresso as a drink; to understand the nuances in an espresso and to be able to calibrate and extract a balanced shot is a different story altogether. 

This course is designed to help seasoned baristas understand what is going on in that blend of espresso. You will learn to understand your espresso through cupping and blending exercises. You will hone your senior barista skills by presenting different espressos, brewed using different parameters. It is a deep exploration of the world of espresso. 

The course also imparts other skills that are important to senior baristas - how to maintain the espresso machine, the different internal parts of an espresso machine and advanced milk frothing and pouring techniques. 

  • DAY 1 : Coffee Chemistry, Espresso Extraction, Water Quality, Blending

  • DAY 2 : A Day in the Life of a Coffee Technician, Core Systems of Cafe Operations

  • DAY 3 : Exam Practice

  • DAY 4 : Exam



  1. It is mandatory to hold the SCA Barista Skills - Intermediate Certification. Students are required to have all the knowledge and skills from these and may be tested on them during the practical and/or written assessments.

  2. In order to sit for the SCA Barista Skills Professional exam, there needs to be at least a 3-month gap from the date of the Intermediate exam.

upcoming 2019 course dates:

  • 18 April - 21 April (early bird rates apply until 4 March 2019)

  • 8 August - 11 August (early bird rates apply until end June 2019)

  • 17 October - 20 October (early bird rates apply until end August 2019)

COURSE FEE: Early bird S$1,710 including GST (Usual S$1,900)

The course fee includes 1 written and 1 practical test. Any subsequent retests will be charged as follows:

  • Written retest - S$40

  • Practical retest - S$350

We require a minimum number of 2 learners to run each class. If the number of sign-ups does not meet this requirement, learners will be notified and have their class rescheduled to the next available date.

Please READ OUR BOOKING POLICY for information about rescheduling, cancellations and refunds. 


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