1. Modulating the Flavor Profile of CoffeE (Updated)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017 (9.30AM - 1PM)

For: Those who use professional equipment and roast coffee for a living, though it is applicable to home roasting as well.

This class builds off from the material presented in the book "Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee: One Roaster's Manifesto" with updates from current research and additional clarification on core concepts. It combines some sensory data to help unpack some of the ideas that were previously introduced. 

Looking at how a flavor profile can change based on roast approach is a key concept for a roaster to help them dial in a coffee more quickly with less waste. In this class Rob will bring you to looking at a variety of roasting approaches that he has encountered and what they mean for the coffee's flavor.


Masterclass FEE: S$180.00 (including GST)

  • Fee includes course materials and breaks.


2. Understanding and Controlling Heat Transfer in Roasting

Wednesday, 1 November 2017 (2pM - 5.30PM)

For: Professional roasters and alumni of the first masterclass on Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee.

I highly recommend the heat transfer component for any alumni of my first masterclass, as I have added some updates that I think roasters will enjoy.
— Rob Hoos

This class focuses on explaining and demystifying heat transfer in the coffee roaster. Focusing on how temperature is measured and recorded as well as how heat energy is added, controlled and lost, this class will give you better control over your roaster as well as a better understanding as to what is happening with your beans.

Time will be spent helping students understand the data feedback they get from their machines and beans so they can make better control adjustments.


Masterclass FEE: S$180.00 (including GST)

  • Fee includes course materials and breaks.


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Rob is an independent coffee roasting consultant who has worked with a variety of businesses, roaster manufacturers, and coffees.

His book, “Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee - One Roaster’s Manifesto” sold over 1,600 copies in over 20 countries in its first 3 months.

Rob brings a wealth of experience, having started out as a barista and working for years as a barista trainer. He is a subject matter expert for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and has devoted the bulk of his professional and personal attention to coffee buying and roasting.

Rob is not only a Roaster’s Guild Level 1 & 2 Certificate holder, but is also a specialised lead instructor for the SCA who has taught nationally and internationally. He also serves on the Roaster’s Pathway Committee and works on curriculum development for SCA and Roaster's Guild classes.

Coffee is both a passion and profession for Rob, and he works with his clients and students to roast coffee that is not only an expression of their own style and preference, but something that their customers will love.