Our students are the reason for our being.


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A huge part of what we do goes towards running an adapted 6-month programme that we've developed to empower disadvantaged women and youth in our community.

We go beyond work skills, adopting a whole-person approach that combines professional coffee education with life and emotional management skills, and physical training.

From paid attachments and permanent job placements with our specialty cafe partners, to mentorship opportunities as part of our active alumni community, we help our students to rise above difficult life situations, take responsibility for their own futures and ultimately become better versions of themselves.

We work year-round with social service organisations, family service centres and other community groups to identify potential participants.

Holistic Training Programme (6 Months)

For: Women aged 17-50 and youth-at-risk (including men)

We work with vulnerable women and youth, imparting professional and emotional management skills to help them conquer challenges, realise their full potential and pave the way for long-term careers in specialty coffee.

Making a good cup of coffee is more than just pressing a button. It takes skill, lots of practice and a little flair! Our students will learn the art and science of making that perfect cup, in a nurturing learning environment that lets them interact with people from all walks of life and explore numerous possibilities for development and growth.

Our curriculum adopts a whole-person approach that focuses on the following areas:

  1. Mental: International-standard professional barista education & paid apprenticeship at our partnering specialty cafes

  2. Emotional: Emotional empowerment, confidence building and life management skills to help with conflict management and confidence building
  3. Physical: Multi-dimension physical training including self-defence, yoga, outrigger canoeing and rock climbing 

I’ve gone from being dependent on people to being more self-reliant and confident. Bettr Barista has exposed me to a whole new world of possibilities and equipped me with the skills I need to become an all-round more capable individual. I hope to pay this forward and help others out there who are just like me.
— Chetra (Intake #5)
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What you take away from Bettr Barista’s programme is truly priceless. I’m more responsible, mature and confident in what I do and the changes I continue to see in myself surprise me more than anyone else!
— Diyanah (Intake #1)

5 Reasons to Join the Bettr Holistic Training Programme

  1. Undergo top-notch professional training from world-class instructors.
  2. Get paid up to S$1,200 while gaining valuable on-the-job experience during your internship with our specialty cafe partners.
  3. Secure permanent employment upon graduating, either with the Bettr Group, our partner organisations, or by running your own startup.
  4. Become part of our Alumni Mentorship Circle and give back by sharing what you've learned with new Programme participants. You will also have access to free alumni activities (personal finance talks, job interview workshops, computer productivity classes etc).
  5. Have opportunities to participate in our community events and interact with others in the industry.

How To Apply - By Referral Only

  1. Attend one of the (free) Coffee Chat briefing sessions that we conduct throughout the year.
  2. Get a referral from a social service organisation (your family service centre counsellor or social worker).
  3. Complete our application form and attend 1 to 2 rounds of interviews if you are shortlisted.

Subsidised COURSE FEE: S$300.00

Note: The above fee is AFTER a subsidy of S$3,200 has been given to each qualifying Programme participant (i.e. the full course fee is S$3,500).

Applications for this Programme are accepted only by referral from a social service organisation. Please contact us if you would like more information about our Holistic Training Programme and the application process.