Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)


Learn about the key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant, through processing, shipping, storage and arrival at a roaster.

We offer the following SCA courses, which cover the principles of coffee growing, processing and green coffee grading, coffee contracts and green coffee portfolio management:


Our Trainer: Marie-Anne Rogers (Masteroast UK)

Marie-Anne Rogers has been a Green bean coffee buyer at Masteroast Coffee Company, Cambridgeshire, UK since 2013. She trains students in Sensory and Green courses at all levels; conducting courses at Masteroast and other national and international locations.

Her understanding and appreciation of the coffee supply chain have grown from adventures in her F&B career that have included an internship at a leading private label coffee roaster in the UK, as well as excursions to Ethiopia, India and Sumatra where she visited coffee farmers and exporters to study their processes.

  • 2013: Became a certified Q grader and AST trainer with the SCA
  • 2013/2014: Judge, Regional Heats and National Barista Championships (UK)
  • Member, Chartered institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)
  • Currently undertaking further Sensory courses and studies as a Postgraduate at the University of Nottingham

In her spare time you will find her walking and hiking, learning Spanish, travelling and enjoying tree photography.

What goes into a Bettr Learning Experience?

  • Our passion for all things coffee AND our love of lifelong learning.
  • ACTA-qualified adult educators who are SCA-certified industry professionals/specialists.
  • An incredible amount of thought and attention towards developing - and constantly refining - our curricula, in order to deliver learning experiences that aren't your average cup of joe.
  • Over 1,500 square feet of learning and workshop space, including an SCA-certified Cupping Lab and a micro roastery.
  • Quality hands-on time for all students - with dedicated brew stations and equipment - so there's no need to share!
  • Student-only access to our Barista Lab and Roaster Lab for extra practice time on our machines, with packages that include guided practice sessions with a trainer.