Igniting social change with every cup and amplifying the good across our community through our retail coffee bars.

We believe that a simple cup of coffee can bring people together, foster camaraderie, grow communities, and empower. This - and our commitment to doing business in a socially responsible way - sits at the heart of everything we do.
— Pamela Chng, Founder, Bettr Barista

With thanks to the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) for this video.


Coffee for Community

Our retail coffee bars are micro-enterprises that combine all the elements in the Bettr Barista ecosystem, and extend their impact beyond our Academy.

Each retail location is operated by internationally certified alumni from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, including enterprising graduates from our Holistic Training Programme, which empowers women and at-risk youth.

With the support of our partners, we're employing to empower through each coffee micro-enterprise, whilst nurturing social entrepreneurship.

We're making great tasting, specialty grade coffee more accessible to more people across diverse communities, and amplifying the good.

What's in a Bettr cuppa?


Coffee that cares across the supply chain

In addition to a sustainable green coffee supply, we continue to seek out and nurture direct trading relationships with independent coffee growers.

We strive to serve up top quality specialty grade coffees that also bring maximum commercial benefit to our partner farms and the extended communities that they support.


Specialty grade beans, roasted to the highest standards

We use the best equipment we can lay our hands on and roast-to-order at our dedicated in-house facility.

This means that all of our coffees are served with an assurance of absolute freshness and uncompromised quality that you can taste in every cup.


The Expertise of a Bettr Barista

Bettr Baristas are masters of their craft, who have been trained and internationally certified by the world's foremost coffee education body, the Specialty Coffee Association.

They are lifelong learners who are supported by our Academy, with access to world-class continuing education courses, masterclasses, workshops and other Bettr programmes that enrich the mind, soul and body.


A commitment to the betterment of our planet and its people

We encourage a culture of conscious consumption with every cup and work to make big impact with as small a carbon footprint as possible, from repurposing and recycling materials that go into our coffee carts, to sustainable sourcing and compostable/biodegradable serveware.


Buy A Bettr Cuppa

 In collaboration with Income OrangeAid

In collaboration with Income OrangeAid

We channel a portion of the revenue from our retail coffee bars towards higher education for youth in-need via the Income OrangeAid Future Development Programme.

The Future Development Programme empowers tertiary students from underprivileged backgrounds with bursaries, financial literacy and career development programmes.

Bettr Together

We do business with some of the world's best: entities large and small that are champions of socially responsible enterprise, who share in our purpose and are equally driven to using business as a force for good - from cafe partners and community partners to corporate supporters and other angels.

Please get in touch if you represent a corporation that would like to work with us.