A Bettr cuppa starts from a better source.

That's why we're always sniffing out the best specialty grade coffees from growers across Asia, Africa and Central/South America, who are committed to sustainable practices that replenish and preserve the environment.

We also nurture direct trading relationships with our farmers so as to maximise long-term socio-economic impact for their families and the extended communities that they support.


Our Signature Blends

Our roasters use the best equipment we can lay our hands on so that every order of Bettr coffee that we deliver comes with an assurance of absolute freshness and quality that you can taste.

We roast-to-order at our dedicated roasting facility every Tuesday/Wednesday and deliveries go out every Thursday* (if you place your order by 9am on Monday).

*Note: We ship via Singpost for home subscriptions and the normal service takes 2-5 working days.

Bold Heart Blend

Lovingly blended to deliver a coffee that feels warm, comforting and hugs your insides. Comprises:

  • Sumatra Mandheling Crowned Garuda G1
  • Columbia Las Brisas

Tasting notes: Citrus fruits, cinnamon, cocoa

Available in 250g bags (individual purchase or subscription).

Heart Blend

An inviting and familiar go-to coffee, you'll find this fan favourite being served at our retail coffee locations. This chocolatey, nutty blend comprises:

  • Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa NY2 SCR 17/18 Yellow Bourbon
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga G1

Tasting notes: Red berries, milk chocolate, nuts

Available in 250g bags (individual purchase or subscription).

Our Single Origin Coffees

Colombia Finca De Las Brisas

This microlot was produced and processed by Carlos Alberto Ulchur, a smallholder member of the ASORCAFE - Inzá, Cauca producer group. Produced at 1,900 metres above sea level, this very special lot was selected from the rest of the organization’s producers as being of exceptional quality.

With cola, caramel, berries, and stewed fruit upfront, accompanied by a juicy mouthfeel and really nice acidity, this coffee had us wowed and is a great showcase for what this remote and often overlooked region of Colombia has to offer.

Tasting Notes: Fruity, juicy mouthfeel, stewed fruit, berries

Available in 250g bags.

Myanmar Organic Ywar Ngan

This organic small lot is produced by Yangon-based Genius Shan Highlands Coffee. Established in 2012, Genius Coffee is a social enterprise that has created a partnership with Myanmar’s skilled farming families in some of the finest undiscovered coffee territories in the world. They continue to work closely with smallholder farmers to nurture their lands, and produce a clean, natural sustainable crop, enriching the entire community.

Tasting notes: Tropical fruits, berries, dark cocoa finish

Available in 250g bags.

Guatemala Finca El Gigante

Finca El Gigante is owned by Don Oswaldo Suchini and has produced coffee for 12 years. The farm is located in a hill all by itself in the Aldea “El Durazno” and surrounded by forests and valleys with very hot days. Rainfall in this area is very consistent from May to October, with temperatures between 14 - 26 degress celsius (1300 - 1500 mm per year). This creates a great impact on the coffee cup.

Tasting Notes: Red berries, Caramel, Chocolate, Round finish

Available in 250g bags.

Ethiopia Misty Valley Grade 1

Kochere district produces some of the best cupping coffees in the Gedeo region, produced entirely by smallholder coffee farmers and primary processors from Yirgacheffe.

S.A. Bagersh’s Misty Valley is one of the most established exporters in Ethiopia for over 70 years, purchasing very high quality (Q1 and Q2) Yirgacheffe washed coffees in parchment and natural coffees in green form.

The complex fruitiness and overwhelming chocolate flavours are achieved through repeated experimentation to achieve the right ratio while blending among each year’s crop.

Tasting Notes: Floral, berry notes, velvety body, fruit sweetness, chocolate finish

Available in 250g bags.

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Other Coffee Products for retail and wholesale

Our single-serve drip coffees and biodegradable Nespresso-compatible capsules come in boxes of 10 and are also ideal for office pantries and corporate gifts. Co-branding, design customisation and bulk pricing options are available.

Single-serve drip coffees

Single-serve drip coffees

Nespresso-compatible capsules

Nespresso-compatible capsules

Blends for corporates/wholesale

Blends for corporates/wholesale