SCA green coffee - intermediate (2 Days)

For: Baristas, roasters and coffee professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of green coffee


The intermediate course looks at green coffee on a deeper level and builds on the core vocational skills needed for those people who work with green coffee on a daily basis. The module is broken down into three areas: 

i. Principles of Coffee Growing and Processing
Key differences in the botany of the Coffee species are explored and how this leads to differences in growing location and farming systems by plant type. Variations in farming practice found in producing countries including shading methods, fertilization and pest management will also be covered. An explanation of differences in processing techniques for the production of speciality quality coffee is given along with insight into how these techniques change the cup profile of coffee. 

ii. Introduction to Green Coffee Grading
This will start with an overview of the different types of defect that may occur in green coffee and the likely causes of them. You will then learn how to physically examine green coffee samples, identify physical defects, and use key equipment needed for effective quality assessment of green coffee. 

iii. Coffee Contracts and Green Coffee Portfolio Management
Central to many green coffee jobs is the planning and management of green coffee stocks. At an intermediate level, basic market principles that are involved in pricing changes of all coffee sectors are explored. In addition to the structure of markets, this module also shows you how to create green coffee contracts with suppliers and customers.

Navigating the supply chain is introduced at the intermediate level and you will look at how to apply your knowledge of seasonality in coffee cropping, along with shipping and storage knowledge to stock holding patterns. Quality differences as a result of supply chain variations, basic legislative needs to 21 purchasing and an understanding of different certification schemes in the world of coffee complete the intermediate level.


  • Learners who have not previously completed SCA Green Coffee - Foundation will need to demonstrate knowledge of green coffee basics in order to enrol for this Intermediate course.
  • It is mandatory to hold certification at the Intermediate level before pursuing the Professional level course, which requires extensive relevant experience.



The course fee includes 1 written and 1 practical test. Any subsequent retests will be charged as follows:

  • Written retest - S$40.00
  • Practical retest - S$120.00

We require a minimum number of 2 learners to run each class. If the number of sign-ups does not meet this requirement, learners will be notified and have their class rescheduled to the next available date. Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about rescheduling/cancellation policies. 

Package Pricing

Take both Foundation and Intermediate classes at a discounted package price of S$1,265 (instead of $1,330). Other package pricing combinations are also available.