home barista basics (3 hours)

For: Coffee lovers and home baristas

This is a practical, interactive, completely hands-on introductory course to all things espresso. You will learn to tame the espresso machine and master the espresso shot. 

  • Understand the espresso machine and grinder parts
  • Defining espresso - rules and guidelines
  • The espresso menu
  • Milk texturing - rules and guidelines
  • Drink building
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Students will receive a Home Barista Basics course certificate from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy upon completion of this course.

We require a minimum of 3 students to run the class on the stipulated dates, if we do not meet the requirement, students will be informed accordingly and moved to the next available date. Please read our FAQ page to learn more about rescheduling/cancellation policies. 


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