You have a knack for connecting the dots. A way with words that makes people go "wow!" and a killer ability to translate your 123s into ABCs.

Marketing & communications Manager (Full/Flexi-Time)

You're a brand gatekeeper who can translate our culture and voice across multiple touchpoints both online and off. You have an innate ability to spot communication gaps - both internal and external - and tell stories without jargon-y buzz phrases and copy-paste marketing tactics.

We're looking for someone with:

  • Creativity and initiative - to develop and execute marketing/communications strategies that engage our students, partners, funders, and community.
  • Killer language skills - to differentiate message/tone of voice for various channels/audiences. We don't put out press releases. We tell stories via our website, eDMs, social channels, media/PR, collateral, etc.
  • Geekery - because we roll with Slack, Asana, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Google Apps/Analytics, Salesforce, Hyperlapse, Adobe Post, Dropbox, Xero and more.
  • Metrics on the mind - in order to translate various analytics trends into relevant insights that inform our decision making.
  • An eye for photography/videography - to spot and capture the moments that best tell our stories.
  • Basic design sense - to give direction to creative work.
  • Strategic thinking - because you'll be working with many different business teams to devise and execute marketing plans.

Needs to have:

  • INITIATIVE ... because YOU will be in the driver's seat to plan, hustle and execute
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves, hunker-down-and-do-it, guerrilla marketing experience ... in a startup, agency or any other think-on-your-feet environment (mid to senior level)
  • EQ, mad project management abilities and some measure of OCD
  • Ninja skills to juggle, deflect and manage tasks and resources (internally and externally)

In order to manage a day that might include:

  • Bashing out copywriting/messaging for a retail/trade show communications piece that tells the Bettr story
  • Managing 2 separate video crews simultaneously filming 15 people across multiple locations (never mind all the emails and Slack messages to coordinate this beforehand) - that you need to prep interviewees on, listen in on and help shape/produce in real time 
  • Planning for new course launches that need web pages, eDMs (are our lists current/clean/opt-in for proper segmenting/targeting?), Instagram posts and Facebook/Google ads
  • Internal and external meetings to organise an Open House event at the Academy - where you need to ringfence, come up with the programme, help with prep/logistics and manage invitations/RSVPs on eventbrite
  • 25 in-depth email interview questions for a magazine DUE TODAY 
  • Missing files on Dropbox that you need to find (and then come up with a process/SOP to organise, archive and keep things orderly)

If this is the sort of stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning (or keeps the midnight oil burning) and you have 3 or more days a week to spare, write to us at and tell us why you'd like to be a part of our merry crew.