A hard-hitting, full-day deep dive that introduces you to an empowered way of thinking, feeling and behaving... towards a better version of you.

We CAN actually refuse to be miserable about most things in life by taking responsibility for our emotional responses and stop putting it on others. Change starts not from fixing others, but rather fixing the way we think or feel about them. Being angry is not going to magically transform things for us. So we have to flex and build our emotional muscle and go through the process of disputing and challenging our own bullshit beliefs - essentially cognitive distortions - in order to transform our outcomes into something brighter.
— Saima Salman, Creator of "Building Your Emotional Muscle"

Stress & Anger Management - There’s A Better Way

Friday, 23 November 2018, 10am-5pm* (20 seats)

*Includes complimentary drinks from our specialty coffee tasting bar. There will be a 1-hour lunch break.

LAUNCH PROMO: SGD $299/person (including GST, usual $399)

My existing belief system and behaviours were blocks to reaching my goals. There are certain myths and misconceptions about anger - it’s not about looking into the past that makes me better - it’s learning the appropriate techniques to cope more effectively.

This course is not just friendly. More importantly it helped me FACT FIND about myself.

a better way to Manage your emotional responses

Sometimes there is no getting away from the people, situations or things that drive you up the wall. Our everyday problems, automatic unhelpful thoughts and unhealthy behavioural responses are all interrelated because an increase in stress-related tension also increases the likelihood of emotional disturbance.

Rationally speaking, the best thing you can do is learn better skills for managing your emotional response in order to stay in control at times of provocation or stress.

I learned that I am the only person with the right and the ability to make myself angry. I own the cause and effect and it all ends with me. I realise that when I judge others, it just fuels my anger and resentment. I CAN actually control my anger and manage situations of stress, or when dealing with aggressive or triggering people and behaviours.

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Identify your emotional goals and what it takes to "undisturb" yourself in order to achieve them;

  • Separate unhealthy negative emotions from healthy ones and understand what creates emotional disturbance (unfortunate life events? breakups? traffic jams? friends/family?);

  • Learn a simple 3-step approach to regaining control over your emotions that can be applied at work and in your personal life;

  • Exercise choosing helpful thoughts and beliefs over unhelpful ones.

This workshop is an adapted component from Bettr Barista's successful Holistic Training Programme, which has been running since 2011 with over 90% of participants reporting an improvement in their emotional wellbeing, and 80% reporting reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  


Stress & Anger Management - There’s A Better Way

Friday, 23 November 2018, 10am-5pm* (20 seats)

*Includes complimentary drinks from our specialty coffee tasting bar. There will be a 1-hour lunch break.

LAUNCH PROMO: SGD $299/person (including GST, usual $399)

Spend half a day to get a tool for life. This doesn’t teach you so much how to be positive, but rather how to be LESS NEGATIVE, which I think is actually more important. It can be hard hitting, but that’s precisely how it needs to be to make a long lasting impact.
— AL, workshop participant, Aug 2018
I appreciated how Saima walked us through a different kind of thought process and how we can apply that to real life situations that cause anger, hurt, anxiety and frustration. Extremely engaging, very relevant, thought-provoking and fun.
I realise now that I have the ability to control my emotions. I can be raw, yet confident...and it IS possible to overcome whatever life throws at you. Saima created an environment that made me feel safe about being vulnerable.

Your Facilitator

Saima Salman, Founder and Director of Rational Living Inc.


Saima is the creator of "Building Your Emotional Muscle", a practicing Clinical Psychologist and former clinical fellow at the renowned Albert Ellis Institute, a pioneering institute in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy globally and theme-centred psycho-educational workshops. She is a Certified Supervisor with over 18 years of diverse clinical experiences with American, European and Asian populations.

Saima has worked closely with Bettr Barista since 2012, pioneering the emotional empowerment curricula of our Holistic Training Programme, the positive effects of which continue to impact over 300 marginalised women, their dependents and youth-at-risk to date.

Rational Living Inc. is a leading Singapore based company providing corporate trainings, psychological services to individuals, groups and companies as well as supervisory services to aspiring and practicing psychologists. Saima has trained health professionals in the areas of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Couples as well as Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of anger, anxiety and depressive disorders.