Our professional educators and network of industry specialists are world class. Which means it's never "just a coffee class" at our Academy.

WSQ - Provide Specialty Coffee Service

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This 2.5-day course introduces basic barista skills to those in the F&B industry who have no prior specialty coffee experience, with up to 80% funding for eligible companies and individuals.

Bettr Barista is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

Bettr Barista is doing great work in coffee education. Their passion and expertise are infectious! Truly an eye-opening and educational experience.
— A.L., SCAE Foundation

We offer the following modules for which you can earn certification under the Specialty Coffee Association:

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*Note: SkillsFuture credit can be applied towards our SCA Barista Skills Foundation and Intermediate courses.



Our introductory Home Barista Basics course is ideal for coffee lovers, enthusiasts and the general public... anyone who simply wants to start venturing a little further on their coffee drinking journey. 

What goes into a Bettr learning experience?

  • Over 1,500 square feet of learning and workshop space, including an SCA-certified Cupping Lab and a micro roastery.
  • Quality hands-on time for all students - with dedicated brew stations and equipment - so there's no need to share!
  • Student-only access to our Barista Lab and Roaster Lab for extra practice time on our machines, with packages that include guided practice sessions with a trainer.
  • Our passion for all things coffee AND our love of lifelong learning.
  • ACTA-qualified adult educators who are SCA-certified industry professionals/specialists.
  • An incredible amount of thought and attention towards developing - and constantly refining - our curricula, in order to deliver learning experiences that aren't your average cup of joe.