Authorised SCA Trainer (2 Days)

Watch this space for upcoming course dates.


Become an AST and be qualified to deliver SCA training and certifications. Be recognised for your deep coffee knowledge, experience and ability to impart that knowledge and experience to others.

Benefits of being an AST:

  • Become certified to deliver training and certifications for SCA education modules
  • Use "Authorised SCA Trainer" logo for your business, website or any other written material advertising your courses
  • Gain access to Authorised SCA Trainer meetings for updates on training, research and trends in the coffee industry, as well as for professional and social networking
  • Recognition by peers for your deep coffee knowledge, experience and ability to impart this to others
  • A highly sought-after professional certification

The course fees will be invoiced to applicants in Singapore dollars (SGD), including GST:

  •  1200 euro (certification) + 200 euro (admin fee)
  • Individual track certifier fees are 200 euro per track 

Application Instructions:

  1. Download and fill in this Authorised SCA Trainer application form.
  2. Download and fill in this SCA Membership application form.
  3. Return both completed forms (scan/PDF) via email to our Academy team.
  4. We will contact you via phone/email once we have reviewed your application.